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Dance of the Heart Private Tango Lessons


Private Tango Lessons with Brian & Deb

What makes private lessons with Dance of the Heart (aka "DoTH") teachers so dynamic & effective?

In our DoTH private sessions, we facilitate students' attainment of Argentine tango dance skills by catering to the needs of each unique individual. Over the last ten years, we've taught more than four thousand private lessons spread across several continents, but mostly of course to students near our "home base" of Boulder, Colorado.  That's a lot of individual needs to cater to - and we think we've learned a few things along the way about how people discover tango in their own bodies.

Our intention is to enhance the learning process & encourage creative growth while fostering the development of personal style. Whether you are an experienced dancer interested in refining the execution of your boleos, volcadas or 4th sacadas, or a beginner 'tango baby' integrating fundamentals, we are confident we can move you ahead. FAST! RAPIDO!! PRONTITO!!! We provide our students with a supportive environment tailored to meet their needs at a pace that is appropriate & sensitive to individual levels & goals. 

We feel profoundly passionate about this dance & our roles as teachers & community builders of Argentine tango. We combine our years of teaching, hosting of countless tango events, performing experience & our on-going pursuit & commitment to our own tango training to create a unique experience for our students to help them explore & grow in the rich, multi-faceted world that is Argentine tango. 


"Do you have comments from DoTH students about your work?"

Yes to both questions, we do! Please click on Client Quotes to read what our students have to say about us.

"Do you offer group private sessions?"

To view additional DoTH opportunities to learn the Argentine tango, please  click here.  


Who Takes Privates with DoTH?

In case you were wondering, we work with students of all ages, from 8 to 80+, from every background & profession imaginable. Some are absolute raw beginners (but not for long!), but prefer a more private setting than group classes, or want to accelerate their learning as fast as possible.  Some students have current or past professional dance training. Others are active in salsa, foxtrot & swing.  Others have taken a lot of tango with other teachers, and feel ready for a new approach grounded in a clear understanding of structure, technique and dynamics within a coherent, extensible tango framework.

Our students take lessons to accomplish a diverse list of goals...for some, it's about enhancing their romantic partnership or creating a beautiful wedding dance while others are attracted to the rich personal dynamics inherent in learning tango. Others are utilizing the practice of social dance as part of a physical or emotional rehabilitation plan. Some simply want to 'get out of the house' or just adore the SHOES! Others are in search of personal expression, romance, friendship, a sense of community. Some are preparing for a trip to Argentina. Others are interested in developing teaching skills to bring tango to their own community. Some are preparing a tango performance or choreography. Others cherish their single-hood but want to deepen their experience of intimate connection during their social dance encounters. And the list goes on! 


Private Lessons - Logistics

We typically hold privates at our Boulder home studio, appointed with smooth wood floors, full-length mirrors, a large selection of tango music & video equipment for recording lessons to enhance student progress. Other locations can be arranged & are available upon request. 

 To obtain our current updated fee list, call us at 303-938-0716 or write to us at: 

We accept cash, checks (made out to "DoTH LLC") or credit card purchases directly following each private session or series purchased. Other Options:


How to Book a DoTH Private Lesson

We generally book DoTH privates via email at Our private sessions are typically taught in our private home studio in Boulder (west of the CU campus). We also offer privates in Denver (studios in LoDo & Ogden/Colfax area) most Tuesday & Friday nights. When a private lesson is booked, students receive a DoTH e-confirmation reflecting the lesson time, date, location & other pertinent information.

Booking lessons once a week is typical practice for private students purchasing multiple lesson-paks. However, we fully anticipate making adjustments as lessons progress to best suit the individual needs of our students. We feel flexibility is key to creating a tailor-made experience WITH you, that best & most simply & effectively meets your tango goals/growth. 

To schedule your private now: 


DoTH Private Lesson Cancellation Policy

We appreciate a minimum 24 hour advance notice for cancellation or rescheduling of private sessions. For cancellations made in UNDER 24 hours, while we prefer to be compensated for missed lessons, if it's an emergency, an act of God or we or other students are not inconvenienced, we prefer to waive the lesson fee.


Suggestions to make the most of your tango investment...or...WHAT NOW???

...or WORSE, what to do if the tango bug BITES & there's no hope of recovery?!?!


Learning the Argentine tango is a fantastic, sexy, brave, fascinating, remarkable & challenging adventure. To reap the pleasures & benefits while optimizing your study with us (or ANYONE!), we'd like to share the following thoughts & recommendations in case they're helpful to you.

Most people require repetition to refine & build a satisfying skill set to fully enjoy dancing. You are learning a mysterious & beautiful language that requires practice, so be prepared to investigate the joys of repetition…repeating classes, revisiting topics, strapping yourself into those wonderful shoes again, hearing that favorite tango for the umpteenth time, reconnecting with partners who will become dear friends over the months (& hopefully YEARS), taking yet another spin around the same dance floor, etc.

Therefore, we highly recommend a combination of on-going participation in private lessons, group classes & social dance gatherings (practicas, milongas, parties, etc.) to lead a healthy, rich, integral tango life. Committing to such a combination we believe offers individuals not only fascinating variety along with a deep sense of community, accomplishment, pleasure & expressiveness within the dance, but can open the door to a powerful path in personal growth that coincidentally fulfills our mission statement of...


We believe the act of pursuing & practicing tango is an ongoing process, conversation or response to the questions tango our personal lives, in our culture, in our society. But enough philosophizing!!!

You've seen a demo & taken that first class, private or series & you're hopelessly intrigued, frustrated, challenged, thrilled, terrified & otherwise mesmerized & bewitched. Sleeping it off hasn't delivered you to normal & aspirin is ludicrously futile. First & foremost, don't panic - just keep DANCING!!!

And if you choose to do so within the DoTH cosmos, you'll find we've carefully crafted an infrastructure of classes, privates, workshop series, practicas & other tango events to satisfy the most voracious of tango appetites! Therefore, we recommend the following curriculum for your consideration: 

As previously stated, we're committed to "BUILDING A BETTER WORLD, ONE TANGO AT A TIME" by sharing the rich joys & pleasures of Argentine Tango dance, music, history & culture with you. If you're ready to get going (or to continue!), review the brief descriptions below of the bulleted items above, click for more details & meet us on the dance floor ASAP!  


Book a one-on-one DoTH private lesson or series of same, with or without a partner! This is the fastest & most effective way to learn & richly enhance your dancing. We've taught thousands of private lessons & feel blessed & privileged that we earn the retention of our clients week after week, year after year. For more info, scroll to the top of this web page. 


We have a great time in our group classes & we think you will, too! Typically, no partner is needed, dress is casual, smooth-soled shoes or thick socks are recommended & a sense of humor & adventure is strongly advised!

We offer a complete curriculum of group classes called our TangoConnection™ Series on an on-going basis, most Monday nights & Sunday afternoons. These progressive & popular series provide students with a thorough, entertaining & accessible curriculum of Argentine tango for the complete beginner through advanced-intermediate levels. Several times a year, we travel to teach in other tango communities in this country & abroad, plus we host several visiting master teachers to provide Special Topic Workshops locally. For complete info on all our offerings locally & beyond, please click on the below links.    


Book DoTH to transform your next party or event into a sizzling, delightful & sophisticated occasion. We offer tailor-made performance packages that include live authentic Argentine tango music, dance & experienced professional tango instruction administered with humor, professionalism & care to enliven any gathering. For bigger venues/budgets/events, we recommend booking our dynamic, inventive, delightful & scintillating full-scale theatrical production, AIResTANGO. AIResTANGO combines aerial artistry with the sultry music & dance of Argentine tango. It premiered in Boulder, Colorado with the support of city grants in 2004 & again in 2005, receiving consistent sold-out, standing ovation performances & glowing reviews. For more info, click: DoTH Performances


In closing...

Because music is the mainstay of tango, we urge students to cultivate a collection of authentic Argentine tango music to:

We offer several diverse & VERY inexpensive cd's for sale & can also recommend other sources for those who get serious about collecting more. Same goes for dance shoes & all tango accessories...just ask us: we've got tons of info to share with you!

The skill set we feel defines an Argentine tango dancer includes the following: 

Because tango is a language shared within a physical embrace where the mouth is silent and our bodies take on the communication flow, we have the tremendous opportunity to enter an on-going practice that involves not only our heads, but our hearts and bodies. We grow as dancers and in our ability to be expressive in the dance, through repetition and review of the fascinating and diverse fundamentals available in the Argentine tango vocabulary. Therefore, we encourage students to revisit the beginner and on-going classes often and to practice outside class as often as possible. Fortunately, there are multiple opportunities to practice tango dancing on a DAILY basis in this area.  

We hope this information has been useful & especially, inspiring in launching you into the rich adventures awaiting you within the world of learning to dance the Argentine tango!

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