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TangoIntensivo™  Sessions for 2009

with Luciana Valle

Thanks to everybody (students & staff) for another great year - and hope to see you again soon!

Limited Enrollment - see registration info below!

Hola Tango Friends!

You are warmly invited to join us for a very special tango adventure: Our TangoIntensivo™ 2009 Sessions with Luciana Valle & Dance of the Heart (Brian Dunn & Deborah Sclar)!

Luciana Valle 

IF YOU ARE.......
  • longing to improve your tango in a permanent & powerful way inside the rich tango mecca of Buenos Aires...
  • if you are tired of not being able to dance with "the good dancers"...
  • if you want to focus your tango training with one world-class instructor and her carefully trained assistants for an intensive period of instruction...
  • if you want to enter "the milonga experience" of Buenos Aires with peers who share a common orientation towards improving their tango...
  • if you want a training environment that will alternately thrill & challenge you to reach your next level.......THEN THIS IS FOR YOU!!!! 

We are looking for a special group of dancers who want to pursue tango mastery in a new & different way.  Join us for 6 days of intensive study in Buenos Aires. Work intensively on your tango with a gender-balanced group of fellow students & carefully trained Assistants under the guidance & direction of world-class tango teacher LUCIANA VALLE, one of the most talented, insightful & energetic tango teachers Buenos Aires has produced.

We first started working with Luciana (a.k.a. "Hurricane Lucy") eleven years ago, and ever since she has been a touchstone for our study of the tango experience.  Her warm enthusiasm, penetrating insight into tango structure and dynamics, and deep skill and experience at dancing both the leader and follower roles has brought her well-deserved intercontinental fame in the world of tango.

Cheap Airfares to Buenos Aires, Argentina by

ASSURED QUALITY THROUGH LIMITED ENROLLMENT (staff/student ratio better than 1:1!!)

  • Our program guarantees you will rotate exclusively among the trained Staff, our TangoIntensivo™ Assistants, for the duration of the program. This provides you with the opportunity to focus on YOUR learning process rather than navigating through the difficulties that can often arise when your usual partner or a fellow student is also struggling with you. Our Assistants are selected from among the many talented dancers working with Luciana in Buenos Aires through her acclaimed "El Motivo" practica & school.  All of them are active social dancers in the Buenos Aires tango scene, and many have professional tango careers of their own. 


From February 2005 through October 2009, we've organized twenty-one of these week-long sessions, and our list of satisfied students continues to grow.  We're very flattered that, despite the cost of airfares from the USA and multiple other options to choose from, we get an incredible amount of repeat business.  Out of the twenty-one programs we've offered in five years, seventy-four people joined us two or more times, with fourteen people taking three programs, and two people taking four out of twenty-one!!


Your tuition pays for your classes and your partners - you'll arrange your own airfare, meals and accommodations - but over the years we've developed (and kept updated) a treasure trove of valuable information we share with registered students about securing good solutions to these travel problems! (Some of our students have urged us to publish this treasure trove separately - but right now it's still an exclusive benefit of your registration!)

See below for some pictures from our recent classes, plus testimonials from some of our students:

TangoIntensivo™ Session "A" October 2009

TangoIntensivo™ Session "B" October 2009


Student comments from previous TangoIntensivo™ Sessions (Sixteen sessions since February 2005)


"It was a breakthrough week for me. It allowed me to develop a very deep understanding of tango & has given me a solid base from which to catapult my dancing to the next level. You guys put together a great program with Luciana. I plan on returning...I took out a Chicho video last night & all of a sudden...I could see everything he was doing." 

bullet “I’ve taken intensive tango workshops all over the world from all the best…this was the absolute best workshop experience I’ve ever had!” 
bullet "These sessions are an incredible experience of deep systematic structural exploration in tango, combined with the opportunity to work closely in partnership with an absolutely fantastic group of followers...rotating among them, experiencing their patience and welcoming smiles, really made the difficult parts much easier."
bullet "...what an AWESOME TangoIntensivo™ session...I feel privileged to be a part of this historical occasion...don't ask me why it feels that way, but what the 3 of you put together was just incredible. Especially wonderful was the opportunity to work with Argentine dancers [as followers], the meticulous care & timing with which all the classes were designed & the quality of the material offered."

"The program once again exceeded my expectations & again took me to a different level in my dance. There is nothing like this program & I continuously tell everyone I can that this is the program to take......there cannot be too much to say about the level of work that goes into developing this program. My hat goes off to Luciana, Brian & Deb to grow this program. I look forward to my continuing attendance..."


"I really loved the program...Luciana's knowledge of the information is incredible...she did a superb job. Brian & Deb were unbelievable. I know you did so much behind the scenes...with such style & class it went unnoticed in a good way."


"Knowing as I came in each day that I was going to push my limits with such a beautiful group of followers to help me get there -  so many treasured memories of so many wonderful dances."


"...the challenge & joy of dancing with some very high level leads & feeling their musicality & the unexpected little plays they made during the dance, the high level of connection that they brought to the dance, the chance to really work more deeply with some of these ideas & techniques....also of course the clarity & specificity of Luciana's teaching & the way she dissects the structure of the dance.  Luciana is always a stand out."


" embrace is more secure, masculine & dynamic."


"Dancing with the guys in class, the just so incredible feeling what this dance can be...working intensively with Luciana, getting the clarity & depth of understanding & passion that she brings to it."


"Other than of course Luciana & dancing with the guys, I would say (the best part of this experience for me was) feeling my body waking up has been a while since I have felt that total satisfaction of dancing. I want more!"


Session A and Session B are independent programs.  Each one covers different subjects.

For maximum benefit, take both programs, but you can also take either one alone.

Before registering, please read our TangoIntensivo™  Session Agreement and Waiver, available here.


Tuition for May-October 2009 Programs 

  • US$655 per session BEFORE Advance registration deadline, US$725 per session thereafter.

  Thanks to everybody (students & staff) for another great year - and hope to see you again soon!

Payment options:

Mail a check (made out to "DOTH LLC") for the correct amount per program (US$655 for October Advance Registration price) to:

  •                 TangoIntensivo™ Sessions

  •                  Dance of the Heart LLC

  •                  775 Pleasant Street

  •                  Boulder, CO 80302, USA

PayPal payments confirmed by Email, which serves as your receipt.  If paying by check, please email us as soon as possible AFTER mailing your check to confirm your intentions. We'll only begin holding a spot for you AFTER we receive an email confirming that you've mailed your check OR AFTER we're notified of your purchase by PayPal.

Refund Policy:

50% of the Registration Fee will be refunded if a refund request is received by four weeks before the start of class. No refund requests will be accepted after this deadline.  However, if you find your own replacement, or if we are able to fill your spot ourselves from a waiting list, refund requests (less $20) will be honored at any time, AFTER payment from your replacement has been confirmed. In ALL refund cases, PayPal fees are not refundable after your initial payment has cleared.

In the unlikely event of cancellation of any TangoIntensivo™ Sessions, registration fees will be refunded in full. 

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